Battimelli’s A&S Favorites Sampler

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Battimelli’s A&S Favorites Sampler

Product Description:

Battimelli’s A&S Favorites Sampler box is a roundup of your all-time favorite store meats and treats! We studied our top customer orders and asked our regulars to describe their ideal sampler of Italian favorites. Conveniently bundled and shipped to your door, this variety box easily inspires several meals for family or guests to enjoy. Complete with dinner and dessert, our sampler includes our famous prosciutto bread, hot and sweet Italian sausage, jumbo ravioli, and zesty sfogliatelle pastry for a sweet ending. For years, our local clientele have been passing off our homemade ravioli, sausage, and sfogliatelle as their own! Save yourself the trouble of making it from scratch and impress the guests, especially if quality Italian foods are difficult to find in your area.

Sampler Box Includes:

A&S Jumbo Cheese Ravioli (16 qty.) - our traditional Arthur Avenue style ravioli, perfectly plump with fresh whole milk ricotta cheese. Circular in shape, and approximately 2” in diameter.

A&S Sweet Sausage Links (2 lbs.) - simply seasoned with salt and pepper, taste the quality of our flavorful pork shoulder, always from fresh, papered butts.

A&S Hot Sausage Links (1 lb.) - with added heat from Calabrese red chili flakes

A&S Cheese & Parsley Sausage Ring (1 lb.) - savor the creaminess of melted pecorino romano cheese and parsley. Adds excellent flavor when cooked in tomato sauce.

Mini Sfogliatelle (12 qty.) - the flaky Neapolitan pastry in miniature, with a sweet and zesty citrus ricotta cheese and semolina filling. Best served warm and dunked in coffee.

Additional Information

  • Sampler Box contents:
    • 1 package jumbo cheese ravioli (16 count)
    • 1 lb. sweet Italian sausage links (4 - 5 links)
    • 1 lb. hot Italian sausage links (4 - 5 links)
    • 1 lb. cheese & parsley sausage ring (1 ring)
    • 1 package miniature sfogliatelle (12 count)

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