A&S Dry Sweet Sausage 2-Pack

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Product Description:

Our dry-cured, sweet Italian sausage will be the star of your next antipasto or charcuterie board! Our salsiccia (sausage) is one of the many kinds of salumi (cured meats) you will encounter in our store, or when travelling in Italy. We follow a family recipe passed down from Carmine’s grandfather. This delicacy is handmade on the premises according to traditional processes our family has used for hundreds of years in the Campania region of Italy. 

We urge you to compare our ingredients label to commercial alternatives. Our dried sausage does not contain any chemical additives or preservatives. Others cannot say the same.

We start by using the finest cuts of pork shoulder from fresh, papered butt roasts -- never frozen or cryovaced. Next, the pork shoulder is coarsely ground and spiced with salt and ground black pepper. After our natural sausage casings are stuffed and tied, the sausage is dry aged for 27 days. Temperature and humidity are closely monitored during this time. To attain the superb taste and high quality that our family has achieved in Italy, we use an imported Italian mold culture. This white mold is noncarcinogenic and nonpathogenic. It is completely safe for consumption much like the outer layer of French brie cheese. We take all of the above mentioned steps to maintain an authentic product for our customers.

How to Tell if Dried Sausage is Cured?

When selecting a dried sausage, it should be firm to the touch which signifies that the product is cured. At the end of the dry-aging process, our Italian dried sweet sausage can often be seen in our store hanging above our deli counter. When ordering online, our deli clerks will assist with selecting sausage that is finished curing for your order.

Additional Information for Online Orders:

  • We will send you two whole sticks of dried sweet Italian sausage.
  • Each stick of sausage weighs 7 oz. - 9 oz.

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How is Dried Italian Sausage Different from Soppressata?

Soppressata is a variety of southern Italian dry salami common to the former Kingdom of Naples. Soppressata means “super-sized” in Italian, and is named so because it uses a longer and wider casing than Italian dried sausage. A&S dried sweet sausage and dried sweet soppressata also differ slightly in their seasoning. Our dried sweet soppressata contains whole peppercorns while our sweet dried Italian sausage does not.