Imported Romano Cheese

8.0 oz

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About Imported Pecorino Romano:

Pecorino Romano is a hard, natural-rind cheese made from sheep’s milk. Dry, salty, and crumbly, imported Romano cheese is one of the best grating cheeses around. In fact, many prefer its sharper and earthier flavor to Parmigiano Reggiano when served over pasta, grilled vegetables, or even fresh fruit. Pecorino Romano is a ‘cooked curd’ cheese, which means the curds are heated to encourage the quick release of moisture. The resulting cheese is required to be aged at least five months before being sold, however this cheese really hits its stride months later. That is why our imported Pecorino Romano is aged 16 months. The additional aging develops a firmer, flaky texture and strengthens its wholesome flavor. Savor piquant pecorino while sipping on Sangiovese wine and sampling our sweet, dry-aged Italian sausage. For dinner, this exquisite pecorino and leek risotto is a healthy winner for your weeknight routine. The convenience of keeping a block on hand to grate of demand is invaluable to the home chef.

Where is Pecorino Romano produced?

Although the name of this cheese reflects its storied origins near Rome in the Italian region of Lazio, few Americans know that most production actually occurs in Sardinia. In 1884, the Roman city council prohibited salting the cheese in grocery shops within city limits. Although salting facilities could operate elsewhere in Lazio, demand for Pecorino Romano soon outgrew the amount of sheep’s milk available from local flocks. Roman cheesemakers soon left for the island of Sardinia where deforestation offered enterprising Romans soil ideal for monoculture farming. Thus, the Pecorino Romano industry in Sardinia was born.

Battimelli’s A&S only sells PDO imported Pecorino Romano cheese.

Wine Pairing with Pecorino Romano:

Fully aged pecorino romano complement tannic red wines, like Sangiovese, Barolo, or Cabernet Sauvignon. Umberto Cesari Sangiovese Riserva is available in the $20 range. Sparkling wines such as a Prosecco Valdobbiadene offer an alternative to the reds.

Additional Information:

Country: Italy

Region: Lazio, Friuli

Milk Type: Cow

Age: at least 5 months

Size: 8 oz. 16 oz, or 1.1 kg (2.2 lbs.) available

**Remove from packaging upon arrival**