Battimelli’s A&S Sausage Sampler

96.0 oz

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Product Description:

Battimelli’s A&S Sausage Sampler box is our legendary sausage assortment packed in a box and shipped to your door! Beat the lines at the butcher shop and order online with us. This Italian sausage variety box includes 6 lbs. of our homemade Italian sausage, prepared “old school” by our butcher’s hands on the premises. We only use the finest cuts of pork shoulder from fresh, papered butt roasts -- never frozen or cryovaced. Sample our sausage links seasoned three ways (sweet, hot, and fennel), and two of our Italian sausage rings (broccoli rabe and cheese & parsley). Your dinner possibilities are numerous which is why our sausage variety pack is great to have tucked away in the freezer! Stew our sausage in your Sunday Sauce to add savory notes for a heartier dish, or grill with vegetable kebabs at your next barbecue or block party. Perfect to buy in bulk and keep frozen in your meat chest. Or, choose the perfect gift for the meat lover in your life!

Sampler Box Includes:

A&S Sweet Sausage Links (2 lbs.) - simply seasoned with salt and pepper, taste the quality of our flavorful pork shoulder

A&S Hot Sausage Links (1 lb.) - with added heat from Calabrese red chili flakes

A&S Fennel Sausage Links (1 lb.) - spiced with Italian fennel, enjoy the warm flavor of aniseed 

A&S Cheese & Parsley Sausage Ring (1 lb.) - savor the creaminess of melted pecorino romano cheese and parsley, a customer favorite!

A&S Broccoli Rabe Sausage Ring (1 lb.) - the addition of this bitter green sharpens the flavor profile of the sausage, and captures the taste of an old-world street festival

Additional Information

  • Sampler Box contents:
    • 2 lbs. sweet Italian sausage links
    • 1 lb. hot Italian sausage links
    • 1 lb. fennel Italian sausage links
    • 1 lb. cheese & parsley sausage ring
    • 1 lb. broccoli rabe sausage ring
  • Converting pounds to pieces:
    • Approximately 4 - 5 sausage links per pound
    • Approximately 1 sausage ring per pound

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