A&S Fresh Mozzarella 2-Pack

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About A&S Fresh Mozzarella:

Our homemade fresh mozzarella is soft and creamy, better than you can imagine. Its pillowy and dense texture produces a slight bounce for a sensual bite. It’s tempting not to eat in one sitting like an apple (I mean, we won’t judge)! Light and juicy, the sweet lactic taste of our mozzarella will elevate a variety of dishes. Dressed in good olive oil, caress sun-kissed garden tomatoes and amplify the aromatic minty notes of sweet basil for the BEST caprese salads of the summer. Our mozzarella is equally fantastic melted over hot pasta with a tomato raw sauce. It is just the ingredient to perfect mainstay recipes like Pamela Sherrid’s Summer Pasta, which has been a customer favorite since the New York Times first published it in 1996. However, I think most customers would agree their favorite preparation is as a pizza topping for their homemade pies, made with A&S New York-style pizza dough. For dessert, add slices of fresh figs and drizzle in balsamic vinegar. Quality ingredients like our fresh mozzarella will elevate many favorite recipes.

How is Fresh Mozzarella Made?

Every morning, Carmine and Doug begin with all natural, whole milk fresh curd from Wisconsin’s dairy lands. We source a specific brand of curd for its consistency and quality. The curd is pushed through the metal wire strings of a device called the guitar, which shreds the curd into small pieces. These ribbons of curd are then warmed in water at a temperature of 175°F, salted to taste, and stretched with a paddle until melted smooth. Carmine and Doug’s expert hands are necessary to know when the stretching is complete, as this decision is accomplished by feeling. The stretched, melted curds are then formed into the classic round shape of fior di latte, literally “flower of milk” that we are familiar with. A stretch of cheese is smoothed and stretched with both hands, and then severed to form an ovoid shape. The resulting mozzarella balls are wrapped in plastic to lock in their freshness and are ready to eat.

Wine Pairing with Mozzarella:

To emphasize the fresh, milky taste of our homemade mozzarella, we recommend pairing with Pinot Grigio. This young, dry Italian white wine is young and crisp with a slight mineral taste. Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio from Italy’s Sudtirol region can be purchased in the $15 - $20 range.

Additional Information:

Country: United States

Region: Made in Connecticut with curd from Wisconsin

Milk Type: Cow



Age: Fresh

Size: 2-pack, 24 oz. per mozzarella ball