Imported Auricchio Provolone

8.0 oz

About Imported Auricchio Provolone:

Auricchio Provolone Piccante is an imported, Italian provolone that is distinguished by its sharp flavor and the consistency of its Auricchio texture. This legendary provolone is one of the most famous and appreciated Italian traditional cheeses. It is often seen dangling by rope from the rafters of Italian grocery stores, so much so that Auricchio’s hallmark gold texture and red mark on the rind have become iconic throughout Italy and the world.

Provolone, which means large provola in Italian, is soft, stretched-curd cheese made with cow’s milk. It is firmer and has a lower moisture content than mozzarella. The Auricchio brand is regarded for producing some of the best-tasting provolones in the world. Their family business dates back to 1877, and even today continues to produce their provolone according to the ancient secret “recipe of Don Gennaro”. Auricchio sources its milk locally, from within 100km radius of its production facilities. Auricchio sharp provolone is aged for 12 months, which creates a sharp flavor that zings the tongue. Its distinct flavor makes for a fine table cheese, and is wonderful in antipasto as an appetizer. Pair Auricchio provolone with our homemade sweet soppressata, mediterranean olives, or snack simply just on crackers. Equally pleasing when cooking, try grating provolone over pasta or shaving over fresh carpaccio. An intense, inky Primitivo red wine from Puglia perfectly punctuates the pungency of the provolone.

How is Auricchio provolone made?

Auricchio provolone is made in a six step process. First, milk is poured into special stainless steel tanks and heated to a temperature of 37°C. Then, the exclusive Auricchio rennet is added. Next, expert dairymen “break the curd” and cook it at a temperature not exceeding 45°C. The curds, once whey has been taken away, lie for some hours on sloping stainless steel tables in order to allow complete drainage. Third, the curds are minced and spun at a temperature of about 70°C and are then crafted into shape by hand. Auricchio’s signature shapes (like salame, mandarino, gigantino, and campana) are moulded one at a time. After passing through ice-cold water to fix the shape, the product is dipped in brine tanks. It may remain for up to twenty days, depending on the size. Fifth, the product is bound and hung in storage rooms to age. The maturation is monitored with advanced technologies that keep temperature, humidity and air circulation under control. Once each provolone reaches the right maturity, the cheeses are set in a thin film of transparent paper bearing an impression of the Auricchio brand and the name of the specific provolone variety. Small sizes are marked with an ink instead.

Wine Pairing with Sharp Provolone:

Seek out an intense, inky Primitivo to embrace the pungency of sharp provolone. Primitivo is a traditional Pugliese grape that is genetically similar to Californian Zinfandel or Croatian Crljenak Kasteljanski. Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale is Puglia’s only DOCG wine, and is as typical to the Southern Italian region as is their beloved provola. A full-bodied Primitivo with higher alcohol content is better matched with sharp provolone. The sugars of Primitivo grapes concentrate during the appassimento process. The pronounced sweetness of the wine integrates well with the sharp flavor of the cheese. Tomaresca Primitivo Salento Torcicoda can be purchased in the $20 range. Lighter, fruity varieties with less body will be overpowered by the Auricchio’s flavor. 

Additional Information

Country: Italy

Region: Lombardia, Campania

Milk Type: Cow

Pasteurization: Pasteurized

Rennet Type: Auricchio

Age: 12 Months

**Remove from packaging upon arrival**