A&S Broccoli Rabe Sausage Rings (4lbs.)

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Product Description

Bring the fanfare of a Little Italy street fest to your next backyard barbecue with a 4-pack of our 16 oz. broccoli rabe sausage rings! Our “old-school” homemade sausage rings pack the bright, nutty flavor of broccoli rabe in every tender bite. We use only the finest pork shoulder and natural sausage casings. When grilled, give a generous squeeze of fresh lemon over our broccoli rabe sausage ring to accentuate its flavors and caramelize the sausage casing. The circular shape is easy for anyone to flip on the grille. Buy in bulk to freeze in your meat chest.

The Flavors of A&S Broccoli Rabe Sausage

Known as cime di rape or rapini in Italian, and friarielli in Neapolitan, broccoli rabe is a leafy mustard green that is a cousin to broccoli and brussel sprouts. Broccoli rabe is celebrated for its complex bitter and nutty taste. When fresh broccoli rabe is sautéed, it is best caressed generously with good olive oil and salted. This preparation draws out some bitterness and plays up its nutty flavor. For similar reasons, broccoli rabe marries well with the rich, salty juices of pork shoulder and rolling heat of peperoni cruschi, or crushed red pepper flakes. In the Apulian city of Bari, orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe is a signature dish.

A&S combines the best of these flavors in our sausage mix. When cooked, the savory juices of our ground pork from fresh, papered butt roasts infuses with the sharpness of the broccoli rabe and chili flakes. The melding of these three incredible flavors will send the nostalgic aromas of Nonna Battimelli’s Italian kitchen wafting through your home at dinnertime.

How to Grill Broccoli Rabe Sausage Rings

Preheat the grille to medium heat. If using a coal grille, attempt to create a zone of even heating beneath the sausage. Before grilling, thaw the sausage to room temperature and poke holes with a fork. For each sausage ring, slice two Vidalia onions into quarters, and chop six sweet Bell peppers in half after removing the seeds. Lightly season the vegetables in olive oil and lemon. Next, place the sausage rings and vegetables on the grille. Insert a wooden skewer laterally through the sausage ring so it maintains its shape while cooking. Use tongs to turn sausages and vegetables as needed to prevent burning. The sausages will finish before the vegetables. Have a platter ready to remove from the grille as needed.

Additional Information

  • 4 sausage rings included
  • 16 oz. per sausage ring