A&S Sweet Sausage Patties 4-Pack

32.0 oz

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Product Description:

Our sweet Italian sausage patties are a classic summertime favorite! Made by our butcher’s hands on the premises with finest cuts of pork shoulder. We only use fresh, papered butt roasts which are never frozen or cryovaced. A&S sweet sausage patties are free of the added preservatives, nitrates, and nitrites that are common in commercial alternatives. We encourage you to taste the difference. Our simple seasoning of salt and pepper allows the flavor of the meat to steal the show. Enjoy the mild flavor of our patties grilled on a sandwich bun. Better yet, sizzle on a griddle to prepare sauteed vegetables in the flavorful drippings. Easily break the patties apart to flavor a ragu, or roll and form into pork meatballs. For extra heat, try our hot Italian sausage patties.

Additional Information

  • 1 package of sweet sausage patties
  • 4 patties (½ lb. each) per package