Curtiriso Rice for Arancini

35.3 oz

Add a delightful twist of authentic Mediterranean flavors to your dinner table with arancini rice by Curtiriso. This rich, remarkable, and enticing rice will become an integral part of your kitchen and have you coming back for more. Made specifically for arancini, traditional Italian rice dumplings with different fillings and a crispy exterior, this delightful ground rice can absorb liquid like a pro and produce a pleasing creamy texture that will impress everyone. Arancini rice by Curtiriso will most definitely add finishing touches to your culinary skills and help you create wondrous arancini.

Created in 1875, Curtiriso is one of the most distinguished and eminent companies in Italy. Specialized in the production, processing, and packaging of rice-based products, Curtiriso is renowned for its breathtaking and mesmerizing assortment of high-quality rice. The company made a name for itself by committing to offer the consumer a superior quality product in terms of flavor, economic convenience, and, of course, food safety. Combining artisanal know-how and cutting-edge industrial technologies, Curtiriso takes a lot of pride in carefully selecting paddy rice and controlling the production process at the highest level. Keep in mind that Curtiriso is the pioneer in the packaged rice sector and always played a significant role in the Italian food industry.

Ingredients: Round grain rice for arancini.