Guanciale 3-pack

18.0 oz

Dependent on what is in stock you may either receive Licini or Maestri Brand. Both are of supreme quality.

Produced from fresh, hand selected, trimmed pork jowls that are cured and seasoned with Thyme. This specialty item is a well-known ingredient in Pasta Amatriciana. There are, however, many other dishes where guanciale's rich texture and delicate aroma are a welcome addition. Guanciale is traditionally used in Bucatini all'Amatriciana, but you can really use it in lieu of bacon in any application.  Render the fat and use it to cook just about any vegetable, or make a roux from it.


Smoother and more lush than bacon, as it is made with the rich, fatty cut of pork jowl. Cured simply with a mix of herbs and spices, the pork flavor comes through with all of the savory notes.


Sold in 2 individual pieces packed together. Each piece weighs in the range of .5lbs to .75lbs.