Imported Sicilian Cassatelle

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Product Description:

Cassatelle siciliane (25 pieces in each order) are golden, crescent shaped pastries with a sweet ricotta filling. In Palermo and Trapani, these dessert ravioli are made at home for the Carnevale and Easter holidays. The tines of a fork are used to crimp and seal sweet cannoli cream in pockets of pastry dough. When fried, the fluffy pastry dough blisters to form crisp bubbles that  create the signature texture of this favorite Sicilian pastry. Each bite reveals the soft, sweet cheese filling beneath its crackly shell. Although cassateddi (as pronounced in Sicilian) are seasonally prepared, by popular demand we’re pleased to offer frozen cassatelle year-round with nationwide shipping. Our 25-pack ships nationwide and is ready to fry or bake in your kitchen for grand results. Impress the guests or indulge, your choice!

**Product is delivered frozen**

How to Prepare Frozen Cassatelle?

Heat a pan with your preferred frying oil. There should be about 1in of oil in the pan, enough to submerge one side of the Cassatelle. Once the oil is hot enough (you will see waves in the oil and bubbles) place the Cassatelle in the pan to fry. Fry each side of the Cassatelle until it is golden brown (about 3 minutes per side). Let the Cassatelle rest until they reach room temperature. Once the Cassatelle reaches room temperature they are ready to be served. Add some powdered sugar on top for some extra sugary goodness and for presentation!

Additional Information

  • Available in 25-count packages
  • Approximate dimensions 3” x 2” x 1” per pastry


Water, 00 Flour, sugar, honey, Sheep’s MILK Ricotta: Ricotta selected from pure pasteurized sheep’s MILK, sugar, salt. Compound chocolate: sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, COCOA. Soy.