Loison Classico Panettone Cake

17.6 oz

**This Product will begin shipping December 1st**

Product Description:

Loison Panettone is Crafted to be enjoyed every day, the products of this line offer a simple way to sweeten your time at home. Perfect for the holiday season to gift to friends and family. The high-quality ingredients are guaranteed by us at Loison and the subtle graphic design on the top of the box reflects the flavor variety of the product contained inside. We select our ingredients with care from top-rated producers. In fact, our Tuttigiorni Line features candied peel of Sicilian oranges and Turkish raisins too. Just like with our other ranges of baked goods, the natural rising process and the production cycle - which takes up to 72 hours - always yield products of high standards, whose flavor bespeaks of no others than Loison.

  • Loison. Panettone Classico with orange, lemon Candies and dry raisins
  • One panettone of  500gr
  • Product of Italy

The Legend of the Panettone:

A slice of panettone and a flute of champagne (or prosecco)… there is no more Italian way to wish a happy holiday season. It’s a ritual in many homes where panettone is a welcomed guest after every meal. But this sweet bread can be enjoyed everywhere, anytime, even at office parties while exchanging gifts or in stores while shopping. Giving panettone is not a simple act of kindness but a gesture rich in history and tradition.

Panettone is a traditional cake-like bread stuffed with dried raisins and candied orange and lemon peel from Milan that has been embraced by fans worldwide. Over the years the Panettone has taken on many different flavors and sizes from its traditional orange, lemon, and raisin flavoring. Immigrants to the Americas brought with them their love of panettone.  When it is enjoyed on Christmas in many countries, it’s paired with hot chocolate, or ice cream, and even eggnog. Although the traditional recipe remains a favorite, producers are offering many variations with cream, chocolate chips and frosting, and even liqueurs such as limoncello.