Italian Coffee Moka Pot Starter Kit

26.7 oz

Italian Coffee lovers, and coffee lovers in general, are very particular about their coffee. But, there are always new ways to make your favorite cup of coffee. Moka pots are traditional Italian coffee pots that are stovetop pressurized coffee brewers. Fill the bottom of the Moka pot with water and loosely fill the coffee grind compartment with your favorite ground coffee or espresso. Place on a medium to high flame and watch the coffee boil and bubble into the upper chamber. We offer a beautiful traditional Bialetti Moka pot with two kinds of grounds to try out, LavAzza Qualita Oro and Kimbo Export Tradizione. 


The Moka Express is constructed from food grade aluminum and includes a sturdy stay cool nylon handle and knob and Bialetti’s patented safety valve.The LavAzza Qualita Oro Ground Coffee Blend is a mix of Arabica varieties from Central America and African highlands creates an extraordinary medium roast with an intense aroma. Kimbo Espresso, made in Italy, is a premium espresso which successfully preserves the rich aroma and full flavor of a classic espresso.

What Comes In the Kit:

  • 1 6-cup Moka Pot
  • 1 Can on Kimbo Export Coffee
  • 1 Can of LavAzza Oro Coffee