Pietro Coricelli Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

51.0 oz

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Coming straight from the roots of Mediterranean cuisine, which is widely known and appreciated around the world, Pietro Coricelli takes a lot of pride in one of the most distinguished extra virgin olive oil produced with competence, technological knowledge, respect for tradition, and utmost passion to create an unparalleled and stunning product. This particular Pietro Coricelli’s extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered, so finding olive pulps won’t be a difficult task! Characterized by a strong, captivating flavor, this extra virgin olive oil will add glaring touches to your cold summer salads or cooked vegetables.

Located in the heart of Italy, in the Province of Perugia, in a pretty hill-town Spoleto, family-run Pietro Coricelli has been bringing the best available quality on Italian tables since 1939, when the legend of Pietro Coricelli extra virgin olive oil legends was born! Paying attention to the details and maintaining the most genuine flavors from generations, Pietro Coricelli has won the hearts of most Italians and is among the largest oil companies throughout Europe, blessing over 110 countries in the world, with a top-notch assortment and pure, authentic Italian intense aromas and flavors.

Imported from Italy 🇮🇹

Ingredient: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

33.8 FL OZ (1L)