Battimelli's A&S Shipping Insurance

Battimelli's Provides Shipping Insurance on Nationwide Shipped Orders:

Our insurance provides protection for orders that are spoiled upon arrival (within 2 hours delivery time or in event of delay in the shipping timeline), damage to product, or loss of package (while in transit from our facility to your designated address). Our premium insurance must be added to the cart and purchased in order for that single order to be completely insured. You will receive a replacement of the entire order if the entire order or for individual items within the order. 

By not adding our insurance Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods is not held liable for damage, spoilage, or loss of package. We are also not liable for the inaccurate information being provided for the order (i.e. incorrect shipping address). 

Legal Language:

Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods Shipping Insurance Policy extends coverage to shipments where the transportation is tracked through a valid tracking number. This offer is not intended to provide insurance to you directly, and you are neither an insured nor an additional insured under the Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods Shipping Insurance Policy. Your election to add Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods Shipping Insurance Policy to your order is entirely optional.  You have the option of obtaining protection from an alternative source or not at all.

Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods Shipping Insurance Policy provides shipping insurance for your online purchases made directly on  Packages damaged while in transit, spoilage while in transit, or loss while in transit.

Claims must be submitted via email to Please use subject line "Shipping Insurance Claim #_insert order number____"

Claims must be filed within 48 hours of receipt of product or when the product was scheduled (by UPS) to be received. 

Insurance covers all orders up to $1,500 USD in product value. 

How to Add Shipping Insurance On My Order?

When you add any of our items to your cart you will then be shown a pop-up screen that will allow you to add our shipping insurance to your cart. In order for you to receive shipping insurance you must add the shipping insurance to your cart and successfully complete check out with the purchase of the insurance. 


What is Considered Damage?

Damage to a package includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Broken product bags
  • Broken jars
  • Smashed product 
  • Broken bread 

What is Considered Loss?

Loss of a package is when the package is lost during the transit process. If the package never arrives to the designated shipping address this is considered lost. We are able to confirm delivery or loss of package through the designated UPS tracking number associated with each box and/or package.