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Dinner Table Set With Italian Meats

The Charcuterie Craze; What to put on your next Charcuterie board!

Now that we can gather again, many of us are looking for a fun way to offer pre-dinner snacks and picky items at our next gathering. **Charcuterie board enters the chat.**

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Mozzarella Cheese With Tomatos

Simply Burrata

A versatile cheese, Burrata can be enjoyed during any course of a meal, and we are going to show three different dishes that showcase it.

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Steak On Cutting Board Italian Foods

How to cook a Grilled Certified Angus Ribeye Steak with Herbed Steak Butter by Giovanni Battimelli

Grilled ribeye steak with herb butter melting on top and flavoring each and every bite. This classic steakhouse recipe is easy to make and for any occasion.

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