Unwavering Commitment in an Ever-Changing World


Battimelli's A&S Carmine Battimelli Serving a deli customer at the cash register

Inflation may be a fact of life, but at Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods, so is our dedication to serving up the best sandwiches at prices you can still smile about. While the world around us changes, we've held firm to one promise: Keeping our sandwich prices around just $10.00. Why? Because you deserve it.

A Tradition of Value

For years, Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods has been synonymous with quality. Our fresh ingredients, handcrafted recipes, and passion for food have won the hearts of many. And through it all, we've remembered one thing – our customers. Our commitment isn't just about great food; it's about offering great food at a price that respects your pocketbook.

Taste Without the Tax

Every time you bite into one of our sandwiches, you're experiencing a blend of gourmet flavors without the gourmet price tag. With inflation affecting industries far and wide, we've innovated, adapted, and worked tirelessly to ensure that our sandwiches remain not just delicious, but also affordable. This isn't a marketing trick; it's our pledge to you.

Why We Do It

Loyalty. To us, it's more than just a word. It's a two-way street. We've witnessed families grow, friends meet, and communities unite, all over a shared meal at Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods. By keeping our prices stable, we're saying a big 'thank you' for all the memories, stories, and bonds forged at our tables.

Join the Journey

If you're new here, take a seat and savor a sandwich experience that's both delightful to your taste buds and gentle on your wallet. If you're a returning patron, here's to many more years of delectable sandwiches and cherished moments!

Always Fresh, Always Affordable - That's the Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods Promise.