The History Behind Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods

The History Behind Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods

A little bite of Italy... and Brooklyn, right here in Fairfield, CT!

Battimelli’s A&S Italian Fine Foods is a family owned and operated business right here in the heart of Fairfield, Connecticut. At the young age of 13 our founder, Carmine Battimelli, was introduced to the world of food. Though being first generation in the United States, quality Italian cuisine has been a large part of his life since birth.

Both of Carmine's parents ventured to the United States from Agerola, a small village in the Naples, Italy. Agerola is a small village on the top of a mountain in Naples overlooking the Amalfi coastline. Many of the specialty items we produce and carry in our store are specialty items Agerola is known for. Sfogliatella, Dried Soppresata, and Dried Salsiccia Secca (dried sausage) are three specialties found in Agerola. Our procedures for making these delicious specialties haven't changed much through generations, though there have been slight adjustments by each generation to create incredible consistency between every batch made. 

Carmine began as a delivery boy for his local butcher shop in Brooklyn, NY. He worked his way up learning all aspects of the business from making fresh mozzarella and Italian sausage, to master butchering and preparing classic entrees. When Carmine was 21 he ventured to Stratford, CT and opened a store of his own. Using skills he learned at the pork store and  his family recipes, he developed a menu and atmosphere unlike any other in the area. moved the store to Fairfield, CT in 1992 where Battimelli’s A&S Italian Fine Foods stands today. With 35 years of building and evolving we are proud to say our traditions have remained and a new generation is beginning. 

Both of Carmine's sons Donny (Don Carlo) and Giovanni have come into the business after graduating from college in May of 2021. With a new generation comes new ideas, as you can see we have launched a new website where we can ship our food throughout the United States. We have also started developing our own proprietary jarred sauce lines using our families recipes which will launch summer of 2022. With a few more developments in action that will be announced closer to launch keep an eye out for our announcements!

At Battimelli's A&S Italian Fine Foods we produce, sell, deliver, and ship top quality gourmet items that our customers love. Ranging from fine groceries, to meats, cheeses, gift baskets and kits, we never disappoint. We are voted Fairfield County best deli, best sandwich, best catering, and best entrees to go.


Here is what some of our customers have to say about us:

“Part of the reason we come here as a family is that everything is fantastic. The food is incredible, the butcher is the best around, and the people are even better.” 

“Carmine and his full team are really professional and knowledgeable about all their products.  They have lots of advice on the best way to cook pretty much everything they sell. This place is worth the visit.”  (Sergio P. Fairfield, CT)

“Never ever disappoints. Our family's favorite place to get an amazing sandwich! We also love their prepared foods, meats, and amazing sides.” (Emily C. Fairfield, CT)

“Top notch Italian deli and market. The best of the best quality and friendly service (even though they were extremely busy during my visit). Will happily return!” (Rich V. Westport, CT)

“I love the sunny atmosphere and the people working here” (Heidi S. Monroe, CT)


Donald Battimelli

What a lovely story!
I will definitely have to make it a point, to travel the distance and visit your fine establishment. I look forward to tasting some authentic Italian cuisine!

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