The Complete Guide To Olive Oil; How to use Olive Oil and How to Pair Olive Oil

The Complete Guide To Olive Oil; How to use Olive Oil and How to Pair Olive Oil

Here I will be walking you through one of the most multi-purposed oils you will ever find in a kitchen. 

Olive oil has a very wide range of use. It is used for anything from salad dressing to sautéing to even drinking! 

Olive oil is produced by pressing fresh olives together which produces a beautiful dark green or golden hue and bold flavor. It has been a staple in Mediterranean cuisine since the beginning of time. Majority of the world's olive oil is produced in Greece, Italy, and Spain. 

Olive oil is proven to have many health benefits and is by far the healthiest cooking oil. It has been proven to help stabilize blood sugar, support bone health, reduce inflammation and support heart health. 

There are many different types of olive oils that can be purposed for a multitude of different things. Many of use are very accustomed to seeing Extra Virgin Olive Oil a.k.a "EVOO." But there are more types of olive oil like virgin and light olive oil. 


 Is the most expensive and best olive oil available on the market. It is a very straightforward process of making EVOO. They grind and press fresh olives, there are no additives, heat, or chemicals used in this process. Here is a tip to find out if your EVOO is actually EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Place the EVOO in the refrigerator and after a couple hours in the oil starts to coagulate that means the oil is pure and is EVOO.


 Virgin olive oil is next in line for quality olive oil that is on the market. It is produced in the same exact way as EVOO but is produced from not as high of quality olives. Thus, making it less expensive but still has hints of that EVOO signature taste. 


This olive oil is very light in color almost of the same color and consistency of corn oil and vegetable oil. The flavor of light olive oil is very neutral as it has been refined by heat in the process of production. This olive oil lasts much longer and has a higher burn point for cooking. 

Usage of The Different Olive Oils 

 When figuring out which olive oil to use for cooking or which olive oil to use when dressing a salad and antipasto, here is a guide to refer to. When you want to fry with olive oil, use a light olive oil. Light olive oil has a higher smoke point of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, thus you can get the oil nice and hot without burning it. The best olive oil for dipping, dressing, and finishing a dish is extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil provides the perfect luxurious flavor to finish off any dish or salad --- especially good on a Caprese salad or on your Charcuterie Board! 

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