How to cook Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole (Spiedini), and Meatballs

How to cook Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole (Spiedini), and Meatballs

How to Cook My Sunday Sauce Meat Perfectly! 

You can't have a Sunday Sauce dinner without adding some traditional protein aspects to your meal! My Nonna has always had Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole (Spiedini or involtini), and Meatballs with every Sunday Sauce dinner. Not only do they taste delicious on their own, but the flavor they add to your homemade sauce is absolutely mouth watering. Here I will share how to cook your Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole, and Meatballs in your homemade sauce. I will also share how to cook your Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole, and Meatballs if you are using a jarred sauce instead of making your own (don't worry we aren't judging you, we know you're busy and some jarred sauce is great - wink wink we are launching our own soon!). 

How to Cook Your Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole (involtini/Spiedini) and Meatballs In Your Homemade Sauce

 Hands down cooking your proteins in your homemade sauce is BY FAR the best way to cook them. Not only does it add mouth watering flavor to your sauce, but it also keeps the proteins very tender. Every Nonna, Nonno, Nonni (any Italian grandparent immigrant out there) will always swear by cooking the proteins in a homemade sauce. Here is how you should prepare your proteins for your Sunday Sauce dinner:

  1. In a pan thinly cover the bottom with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
  2. Bring the pan to a med/high heat 
  3. Braise your proteins on all sides (~1 min per side)
  4. As your homemade sauce comes to a boil place your proteins in the sauce 
  5. Cook your proteins in your simmering sauce for about 1-1.5 hours
  6. Remove proteins from your sauce and serve in a separate bowl 

How to Cook Your Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole (involtini/Spiedini) and Meatballs Using Jarred Sauce

Don't worry we are not judging you. We are well aware that everyone is extremely busy and that making your own homemade sauce is very time consuming. I personally have even used some jarred sauces on occasion, and in fact we are launching our family recipe in a jar so that you can have access to traditional, quick, easy, and delicious sauce! So if you plan on cooking your Beef Braciole, Pork Braciole (involtini/spiedini) and Meatballs with jarred sauce and want to keep the proteins juicy and tender than follow along below:

  1. Get two separate pans (pans able to be place in the oven are preferable) and thinly layer them with EVOO
  2. If you do have pans that can be placed in the oven please have two separate oven ready deep sheet pans available
  3. Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Bring the pans with EVOO in them to a med/high heat  
  5. Braise your proteins (Beef and Pork Braciole in one pan) (Meatballs in a separate pan) for about 1 min on each side
  6. In the pans you plan on placing in the oven, cover the proteins with your jarred sauce
  7. Tightly cover the pans with tin foil and place in the oven
  8. After 15 minutes your Meatballs will be cooked perfectly 
  9. After 45 minutes your Braciole will be cooked perfectly 



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