How to Cook Steak Perfectly Every Time

How to Cook Steak Perfectly Every Time

Never over or under cook your meat again!

Whether you are just starting out or have have been grilling since you could say "filet mignon", everyone has had a little trouble getting their steaks perfect every time. First things first, before being able to never over or under cook your meat again, you have to understand the factors that go into cooking meat. For example, the grade of steak you are working with. 

Grades of meat

There are 3 different grades of meat: Select, Choice, and Prime. Select grade is the lowest grade. This type of meat is ranked just above edible standards by the USDA. Choice grade is an average grade cut of meat, in between Select and Prime, Choice is most likely what you will find. Prime is the highest quality of meat. If your supermarket carries Prime, I highly recommend spending the money on the higher quality. 


Make sure you are measuring your steak’s doneness by temperature, not time cooked. The standard temperature of a steak is medium rare (120℉). The temperatures of a steak’s doneness go from rare (120℉), medium rare (130℉), medium (135℉), medium well (140℉), well done (150℉). Make sure that once your steak reaches its desired temperature, you let it rest off of the grill for a few minutes. This completes the cooking process and doesn’t dry out the steak.

Let's Get Grilling!

Alright, now that you understand what factors into the cooking steak, I think you are more than ready to fire up your grill and start practicing. Safe grilling and happy summer!

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