National Hamburger Day!

National Hamburger Day!

It’s a Day of Celebration!

Happy National Hamburger Day! July 28th is a great day, do you know why? Because we are celebrating FOOD *insert drooling face emoji*. Summertime is grilling season and nothing is better than a juicy burger fresh off the grill. Make sure you pick up our Premium Angus Beef Burgers along with our Carmine’s Butcher Blend patties to properly celebrate with only the best. Our Premium Angus Beef patties are made from our premium blend of 75% Ground Sirloin and 25% Ground Chuck that make an extraordinary burger packed with flavor and richness. Our Carmine’s Butcher Blend patties are made with 50% Ground Chuck, 25% Brisket, and 25% Short Rib, unlike regular burger patties, these burgers are a difference you can taste. 

The History of National Hamburger Day

The hamburger gained its name from its believed origin city, Hamburg, Germany. Although the hamburger undoubtedly got its name from the second largest city in Germany at the time, many hamburger enthusiasts, we will call them, dispute where the hamburger actually originated from. There are debates of whether the burger was invented by a gentleman named Otto Kuase or Otto Krause in 1881 or by Louis Lassen in 1900. Whether you choose to believe Otto or Louis, I think we can all agree that the hamburger is the best sandwich ever created and it most definitely deserves its own National Holiday. 

How You Can Celebrate

Celebrating National Hamburger Day is pretty self explanatory. Invite your friends and family over, light your grill, throw some Prime Angus Beef and Carmine Burgers on there, and you have successfully celebrated! Garnish your burgers with your favorite toppings to spice them up even more and enjoy your masterpiece at the dinner table (or hiding from everyone so no one takes a bite of your hamburger that should be submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records). 

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